Monday, May 4, 2015

REAL Women Move

It became apparent to me, early on in life, that I was a MOVER.  I rarely sat still.  My parents could see that I didn't fit the mold of "traditional" team/ball sports that were offered for the girls at my school.  I swam, rode my bike, rode horses, went to dance class, but rarely did I fit in with the girl jocks.  I liked, and associated with people of different social groups, but never really fit into one, in particular.  I'm still that way.  Only now, I'm very comfortable with it.  Some people never get comfortable with not fitting in.  In fact, I would say most people don't.  Even upon reaching adulthood.

To this day, molds don't fit me, nor I them.  I'm almost 39, not married, & childless.  Many other women, actually, don't really know what to do with that.  You'd think it'd come from the men, but no.  Often, I make other women uncomfortable.  They can't put me in a box, & therefore squirm just a bit.  This is not new to me.  But, I'm good with it.  Women have asked me "Ohhh...you must not have kids, because you're infertile, or there's something 'wrong' with you?"  Not it.  But, to tell them, you're currently "childless by choice," there's a lot of squirming that goes on.  The "Fit Mom" group doesn't quite know where I fit in.  I'm fit too, and they like that, but my lifestyle is less restricted than theirs.  That's both a pro and a con, but because I don't fit the age norm, for what my life "should" look like, I make many women uncomfortable.  Half the time they're not even clear what about me makes them uncomfortable, but I can see it in their eyes.  Women are threatened by one another.  It doesn't have to be that way, but to say that doesn't exist, would be false.  I mirror emotions in them that are uncertain, and they're not sure what to do with that.  I know.  It happens often.  And it's OKAY.

I'm typically the one who, out of a group of women, will be doing the "odd" sports.  I climb as high as I can, until people below me disappear.  With the wind in my face, and the sun inching towards me, I feel free when I climb.  I can climb away from all issues on the ground.  I climb towards my true self.

              Ice Climbing, Ouray, CO.


I beat dudes up.  Well, sort of.  Sometimes I'm able to pull it off.  Sometimes I'm not.  But, Jiu-Jitsu has become an intrinsic "thread" that connects me to the core of myself.  Try explaining to other women that you roll with large men (especially, other women's husbands).  Most of the time, I'm the only girl in the morning classes.  Other women tend not to know how to react to that, either.  Just one more way that I make them squirm.

(Pictured Right)
Jiu-Jitsu at "Clark's Univ. Of Martial Arts," Bend, OR.

I like to lift heavy weights.  I've been doing "CrossFit" for 8.5 yrs.  I've been coaching it for 3 yrs.  I've been a certified fitness trainer since 2005.   Happily bench-pressing, with a bunch of dudes, often raises an eyebrow with other women.

"CrossFit" comp., Salem, OR., 2013

I don't have a stroller.  I'm not married.  I typically do male dominated sports (although campaigns like this are helping to change that), and I love it.  I will never fit in.  I will always dance to the beat of my own drum.  I will always be a MOVER.  In my OWN way...and that's what #REALWomenMove means to me.  That's what this campaign is for.  To help raise awareness that you will find your own unique movement(s) to express different facets of your nature.  That's powerful in it's own right.  I am a candle for other women.  That is what I do.  I live in a strength of my own, which gives other women and girls who observe what I do, silent permission to do the same.  I'm authentic.  I'm confident.  I love to grow internally by activating my body to dig deeper.  I've always known, since I was little, that my role was to live authentically, a life full of adventure, full of laughter, and to inspire other women and girls to do the same. 

Be a part of the movement.  Join the campaign.  Hashtag your social media pictures, over the next month with #REALWomenMove   Let's demonstrate that ANY way you choose to break a sweat, is not only valid....but valuable.  And that being authentically YOU is the best gift you can give to the world.


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